District officials regularly monitor the introduction of legislation that could impact rates for customers or otherwise affect their water. We respond to proposed laws and regulations to protect the interest of Rowland Water District customers and maintain affordable service. The work of our lobbyists and staff in Sacramento includes support for expanding options for local supply development and minimizing cost impacts from new or expanded regulations.
There are many ways that proposed legislation and regulations can affect the public. First, there are often economic impacts. For example, a pending water tax included in Governor Gavin Newsom’s recommended budget would cost residential customers more each month to fund water system cleanups in other communities, primarily in Central California. Other recent issues include conservation requirements and prohibitions against water waste, funding for recycled water projects that save fresh drinking water, and water quality regulations that protect public health. Legislation at the state often trickles down to impact the customer through increased costs and limitations and rules on water use.
The District works closely with local, state and federal elected officials to ensure its mission can be fulfilled without restrictive legislation or excessive regulations. The District also utilizes experienced lobbyists to communicate the District’s legislative viewpoint to federal and state officials. Our leaders attend legislative symposiums conducted by our industry organization, the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), and signs on to support or oppose policies that impact our ratepayers.

We encourage our customers to be informed about proposed regulations that could impact them and voice their concerns to legislators. To find out more about where Rowland Water District stands on certain issues, click here.